A Rebel Intrapreneur is a radically different kind of employee; one who furthers the mission of the organization he/she serves, while simultaneously challenging the status quo from the inside.

My goal with this podcast is to create a new category of employee: The rebel intrapreneur. A rebel intrapreneur is not a regular employee. It is not a high performing employee. It is not a manager. Or an executive. Or a CxO.

A rebel intrapreneur is a pirate in the navy.

A Rebel Intrapreneur is a pirate IN the navy.

I believe there is a need to bring people together who want something more out of their careers. People who want to make a difference, to advance the missions of their organizations, and to contribute in an outsized way. That is what we will learn how to do on this podcast.

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Rebel Intrapreneur is a podcast about a new category of high performing employee and how you can become one. Rebel Intrapreneurs further the mission of an organization while simultaneous challenging the system from within.