Rebel Intrapreneur
Rebel Intrapreneur
027 Bill Cushard Rebel intrapreneurs challenge the process

027 Bill Cushard Rebel intrapreneurs challenge the process

Rebel Intrapreneurs use the Strategyzer Business Model Canvas FigJam template to turn possibilities into plans. Learn about the business model canvas FigJam template here and Try FigJam for free.

The “rebel” part of rebel intrapreneur is the part of us that wants to improve the organizations we serve in pursuit of its mission. The question I get most from listeners like you is why “rebel?” That it has a negative connotation. I disagree. I think the rebel in us wants to make our organizations better. The inspiration for that part of the definition came from The Leadership Challenge and one of the five practices of leadership: challenge the process.


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Rebel Intrapreneur
Rebel Intrapreneur
Rebel Intrapreneur is a podcast about a new category of high performing employee. Rebel intrapreneurs further the mission of an organization while simultaneous challenging the system from within. Founders and entrepreneurs are thirsty to find people who believe in their mission as much as they do, and pursue that mission relentlessly. Rebel Intrapreneur is hosted by Bill Cushard, who has reported directly to founder/CEOs four times in his career, which makes him an ideal guide on your intrapreneurial journey.