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029 Bill Cushard Don’t call it quits just yet

029 Bill Cushard Don’t call it quits just yet

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Shana Lebowitz Gaynor wrote an important book, Don’t Call It Quits: Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Love, to help people make the most of their present job and to give people important ideas for how to decide whether to stay or leave a job. Guest what? The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. We know this, but we don’t always remember it. 

According to Gaynor, “You are more likely to achieve happiness and fulfillment at work when you identify what you like and dislike about your job.” Right. But how can we identify what we like and dislike about our jobs? With these 15 questions:

What are your favorite parts of your current workday?

When during your career have you felt most engaged?

What might that gratifying experience look like now?

What are the three most important attributes you bring to a work environment?

What's most important to you in a job right now?

Is it conceivable that you might get those things from your current role?

Do you remember what drew you to this job in the first place?

What's the gap between what you expected this job to be like when you started and what it’s like now?

What are your least favorite parts of your workday?

How do your least favorite parts of your workday make you feel?

Why do you think your managers have you perform these tasks?

If you told your manager today how you wanted to reshape your role, how do you think your manager would react?

If you're not that concerned about your manager's reaction, what else might be stopping you from making some changes at work?

If you are looking for a new job or company, what do you think the new role will give you that you're not getting from your current position?

If someone else were feeling stuck the way you are right now, what's the first piece of advice you would offer? 

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Book: Don’t Call It Quits: Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Love: (affiliate link if you’d like to support the show)

Book: Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value by Melissa Perri: (affiliate link if you want to support the show)

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