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061 Bob London The five customer love languages

061 Bob London The five customer love languages

“You’re not listening.” This point from Bob London in his KamCon 2023 talk, The Five Customer Love Languages, hit me at just the right time. “I am listening,” I thought to myself. What if I’m not? 

If you have ever worked at a startup trying to find product-market fit, you can relate this. 

You listen. 

You hear what people say. 

You act on what they say. 

Then, nothing happens. 

I was listening. I heard what they said. We built what they wanted. They didn’t buy it. Maybe I wasn’t listening. Bob London has a way of getting people to open up with questions and disrupt conversations with the right questions. That’s why his company is called Chief Listening Officers, and why we had him on the podcast. To become better listeners. 

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Bob London, Chief Listening Officer, says we need to give space so our customers can talk about their business. And then we must really listen.
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