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067 Asking for a promotion is not about the ask. It’s about the conversation after.

067 Asking for a promotion is not about the ask. It’s about the conversation after.

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When people start preparing to ask for a raise for promotion, they spend most of their time thinking about the ask. “How much should I ask for?” “What position do I want?” Yes, you have to know what you want. However, the ask is 5% of the conversation. What about the other 95%? 

That’s what you should be preparing for. 

What do you do when the answer is no? 

What do you do if the answer is maybe? 

What do you do if the answer is yes? 

Are you prepared to quit if the answer is no? Stay? 

Are you prepared with a plan if the answer is maybe? 

Are you prepared to relocate across the country if the answer is yes? 

There are so many questions to be prepared for that the ask itself is probably the last thing you should prepare for. 

In this episode, I explore some ideas for how to prepare for these questions. 

Part of my process comes from Simon Sinek, and in the show, I said I would add a link in the show notes, so here it is:

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