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072 Lihong Hicken is the entrepreneur who wants to be an intrapreneur

072 Lihong Hicken is the entrepreneur who wants to be an intrapreneur

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I intended to talk to Lihong Hicken, founder and CEO of TheySaid, about how her company helps customers understand customers better and even predict growth potential and churn risk by using a metric called, customer perceived value (CPV). We did talk about that, but not before we started off talking about Lihong’s desire to be an intrapreneur. 

In fact, the main reason Lihong started TheySaid is because she wanted to create a solution to understanding customers that she wished she had when she was an intrapreneur in previous jobs. In fact, part of her thinks that when she does make this solution work, she can go back to being an intrapreneur and use it. 

What a way to start a company. 

Side note: If you are reading this before November 8, 2023, you might want to catch a Linkedin Live event, hosted by Lihong Hicken and TheySaid called, Linkedin Live Debate: Is NPS a Vanity Metrics? Lihong hosts a panel to have this great debate:

Bill Cushard

Adam Mullen

Colby Bock

Dave Jackson

Greg Daines

Manil Vasantha

TheySaid Linkedin Live NPS Debate Lihong Hicken Bill Cushard Adam Mullen Colby Bock Dave Jackson Greg Daines Manil Vasantha

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