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080 Nic Bryson Effective leadership depends on better conversations

080 Nic Bryson Effective leadership depends on better conversations

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I have always prioritized 1:1s with my direct reports; sometimes declining and canceling meetings with my bosses in favor of meetings with my team. In some work cultures, that was not always a good move on my part. But I told myself, early on in my people management career, that I would not be the kind of manager who, at the last minute, over and over, canceled or rescheduled meetings with people on my team. 

I was not going to be THAT manager.

And I wasn’t.

I say that to say this. 

Nic Bryson gets it. Being a people manager is a vital role and the 1:1 meeting is a vital tool of the people manager. 

I know Nic knows this because he founded a company to help managers have better 1:1 meetings. 

I approve.

As Nic says, “Effective leadership depends on better communications.”

Nic Bryson was employee #13 at, building and leading every customer-facing team across sales & CX over 9 years which lead to the $800 million acquisition by Vista Equity. Nic also led various CX functions at Workfront and was acting CCO during the $1.5 billion acquisition by Adobe. Nic has most recently launched, in beta, as a new tool to help leaders better manage their 1-on-1 meetings with their team members. 

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