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089 Jeff Ernst The Customer-Led Growth Manifesto

089 Jeff Ernst The Customer-Led Growth Manifesto

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Buyers don’t trust us. They tell us that every day when they do research on their own, delay speaking with vendors as long as possible, and make up their minds when they finally talk to us. 

Traditional sales and marketing is not solving this problem. It might be causing it. 

So what are rebel intrapreneurs to do? 

Learn customer marketing and customer-led growth. 

Jeff Ernst, co-founder and CEO of SlapFive, has an ethos: 

Anything that a company can do with its sales, marketing, and customer success people, customers can do better; with more authority, more trustworthiness, more authenticity, and more believability. 

When I heard that all I could say was, “How is that possible?” 

It’s the trust gap between buyers and sellers. Buyers want to hear from our customers. The real stories. Not the standard hero’s journey which makes the vendor the hero. Cringe.

Jeff Ernt started SlapFive and wrote the customer-led manifesto to close this gap and bring buyers and sellers together. 

More about Jeff Ernst:

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